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"Training Camp"


Anteeks, oon ulkomaalainen ja en osaa suomea niin hyvin, siis jatketaan tästä englanniks...

I'm in charge of the social events for a sporting club in Helsinki. The coach has asked me to arrange a weekend preseason "training camp". My Finnish isn't so good and I don't know of anywhere so I'm posting here to see if anyone else might be able to suggest something like that.

What we're looking for:
- somewhere we could train/have hard exercise/do fun teambuilding stuff
- cheaper is better as most of our members are students
- somewhere not too far from Helsinki (would be nice not to have to spend too much on transport)
- for saturday and sunday, with accomedation included (or close)

Has anyone done this kind of thing or have any good suggests (everything considered!)

Kiitos avusta!


It might be easier to come up with ideas, if we knew what sport we are talking about.


Hi Tim,
There are plenty of very good Sport Institutes close by Helsinki that cater for various sports, but to recomend one it would be helpful to know the sport you are training.  You should at least check out these:
About 100km from Helsinki:
About 80km from Helsinki:

As these two are moderate priced and there for more suitable for student budgets than some other Sport Institutes in South Finland.



These might be something as well:


Prices are very reasonable.


We play rugby. I didn't mention it as I assume there are no facilities for rugby in Finland (there are only about 300 registered players here) and I'm not sure it's too important that we do rugby specific stuff. I think it would be OK if we even just did some fun, but hard exercise type of things.

Thanks for your suggestions! I made some inquiries to a couple of them.